Hi! Welcome to our farm!

Meet the owner, Jesse Snodgrass.  He has been in the produce business since 2011 when he started working for an organic produce farmer fresh out of high school!

He started Sunny Ridge Organics in 2012, and joined a group of local farmers who all grow organic produce to ship and sell wholesale produce in Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota.  Jesse drove shipments for his group as far as Chicago in his refrigerated box truck. Soon after joining them, Jesse took over the marketing part of the grower group but he has always wanted to work directly with his customers.  He started a farmers market stand in North English and then in Sigourney the following year so he could do just that.

As a side job, he works with construction and tree climbing/removal. He enjoys juggling as well as teaching/studying the Bible, science, biology, history, and psychology/counseling as a hobby. He loves to work with young adults and teens and produce provides a good opportunity for them to learn about life.

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