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Welcome to Sunny Ridge Organics!

Fresh, Healthy, and Tasty Produce From our Fields to Your Table!

A place where Sustainability and Organics is a way of life, where our word is what we mean and our neighbor is an important part of our community. Whether you care deeply about Sustainable, Organic, and Local food or not, or maybe you simply want it Fresh and Convenient, Sunny Ridge has something for you.

We have retail and bulk order options for produce, as well as, a variety of Baked and Canned Goods, Jams, Honey, Maple Syrup, Dried Foods, Fresh Eggs, Flowers and more!

We work with a group of local growers which allows for a larger selection of produce at any one time.

We work hard to keep prices down because we believe that fresh, healthy, produce should be available to everyone. Even though all the products from our farm are Organic, because of the fact that we source local products from small family farms, not all of our offerings are, if this is important for you please ask. We make every effort to ensure that the products we carry are naturally grown when available and take orders over the phone or email for pickup. We have multiple shipping options and we are glad to make deliveries to certain locations. We also run produce stands through the season where you can order and pick up previously ordered products.

Over 20 Local Family Farms and small patch growers.

Since 2012 we have been working with an Organic grower group to sell Wholesale Organic products to as far away as Chicago, Des Moines, Minnesota, and more. A couple of years ago we started to take over the marketing end of the group. After brushing shoulders with a large group of local growers and a large group of locals looking for good, fresh, local produce, we decided that we could do a service to the community by making the connection between the growers and the consumers. To keep the prices down and to accommodate the small growers that can’t afford to become certified organic we stock some nonorganic produce. We do try to keep most of our products naturally grown and set preference for the farms with sustainable practices.

Naturally and Sustainably Grown.

We believe that our soil and natural resources are important aspects of life and that, if we take care of the soil, it will produce the best and healthiest Produce. Our goal is to provide nutrient-rich produce that are free from harmful chemicals and grown in a way that can be sustained for many generations.

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